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02 Oct 2019

Booking ski holidays in advance

La Centrale Blog Booking ski holidays in advance

The impression most people have is that ski holidays need a serious budget to be able to be enjoyed however there are a few way that you can find cheap deals to ski with family and friends.  Booking your holiday in advance lets you get the most for your budget but there are other benefits!
La Centrale has come up with the 4 advantages early booking for your next ski holiday.

The choice

First come, first served ! This adage is particularly suitable for renting ski accommodation. Whether you are rather chalet with jacuzzi or apartment at the bottom of the pistes, do not hesitate to contact the teams of La Centrale with a wishlist so they can send you everything that corresponds!

The logistics

The organization of a ski holiday with family or friends is not always easy. Taking the time to manage all this logistics at your own pace is a good plan in itself: find the plane tickets at the best price, choose your rental equipment and plan which restaurants you want to visit, take the time to plan your made to measure holiday.

The services

What is more disappointing than to realize at the last moment that you will have to shake up your plans because ESF courses are sold out or because the there is no more childcare available. Pre book ski lessons and daycare guarantee a stress-free holiday for young and old. This also applies to the rental of your ski equipment!

Cheap skiing

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, booking as soon as possible gives you access to all the promotional offers proposed by the hosts and the stations before the season. By taking advantage of early booking offers you often benefit from discounts ranging from -20 to -40% on the usual rates for your packages and accommodation.

There’s no reason not to, ready to jump in and book your holiday in Les Gets? Contact our rental service, Charlotte and Elodie will gladly help you find the perfect accommodation for your stay in Les Gets with friends or family.

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